For December 2020, the Divs4Jesus Portfolio received dividend income from twenty-one different companies (V, INTC, HON, LYB, JNJ, SNA, SWKS, EVR, WBA, MET, RHI, MSM, NWL, TSN, PRU, LEA, TROW, EVC, AVGO). The total was $444.73. This was a 174% increase from December of 2019 where the total was $162.27. The increase was due to new payments from AFL, PSX, INTC, HON, JNJ, MET, MSM (Special Dividend). Increased payments from V, LYB, SNA, SWKS, EVR, WBA, RHI, NWL, TSN, PRU, TROW. Payments from AVGO and EVC paying out in December this year instead of Jan 2021. And finally, despite no payment from F, and a decreased payment from LEA.

This massive December payment put us well over the $3000.00 mark for the year, with the total dividends in 2020 coming in at $3,426.54.

A full recap of 2020 and comparison year over year will be posted in the coming weeks.


On October 30, 2020, we purchased a number of shares in companies we currently own in our portfolio. The following were purchased: 3 shares of ABBV for $253.77; 7 shares of INTC for $309.72; 8 shares of CSCO for $285.24; 6 shares of MET for $223.14; 7 shares of AFL for $236.11; 3 shares of MO for $109.29; 3 shares of T for $80.60; 1 share of PRU for $63.09; and 2 shares of PSX for $91.52. In total we purchased $1,652.21 worth of stocks this month.


For September 2020, the Divs4Jesus Portfolio received dividend income from seventeen different companies (PSX, SWKS,V, HON, JNJ, LYB, SNA, EVR, WBA, RHI, TSN, NWL, PRU, AEG, TROW, EVC, AVGO). The total was $243.18. This was a 59% increase from September of 2019 where the total was only $153.35. The difference was increased payments from V, SNA, LYB, PRU, WBA, TSN, NWL, RHI, SWKS, and TROW.  New payments from PSX, HON, JNJ, and EVR. Plus EVC and AVGO paying out in September this year instead of October like last year.

This is also in spite of F making no dividend payment and payments from AEG and EVC essentially being cut in half due to COVID-19. We cautiously hope to continue the beat streak month over month and finish the year out strong. We are also happy to see our yearly total break the $2,000.00 mark this month and we still have three more months to go!