First and foremost we are sorry for the late posts in getting March’s info uploaded, but better late than never. And speaking of better, for March 2022, the Divs4Jesus Portfolio received dividend income from twenty-six different companies (AFL, PSX, V INTC, F, AMGN, JNJ, SNA, CVX, EVR, PRU, HON, WBA, MET, RHI, FAF, LYB, NWL, TSN, SWKS, VALE, LEA, TROW, EVC, AVGO, & SPG). The total was $1,648.89. This was a 30% increase from March of 2021 where the total was $1,269.88. The increase was due to increased payments from twenty-three of the companies and new payouts from portfolio adds AMGN, CVX, and FAF. Plus resumed payments from F and SPG paying out in March this year instead of April like in 2021. Over $1,000.00 of this was from VALE who is still paying out large dividends thanks to high commodity prices.

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