In the month of July we purchased a number of shares in companies we currently own in our portfolio. It was basically a repeat of our May and June purchases as we look to get to “full” positions in AMGN and FAF, as well as, add to some of our higher yielders. We purchased 2 shares of AMGN for $483.68; 10 shares of FAF for $670.40;  2 shares of ABBV for $234.12; 3 shares of MO for $144.57; 2 shares of T for $56.59;  1 share of OHI for $36.78; 1 share of PRU for $101.06; and 1 shares of AEG for $4.24. In total we purchased $1,731.44 worth of stocks this month.


The increase was mostly due to (2) special dividend payments. One from TROW at $3.00/share and the other from VALE at $0.436/share. VALE has been crushing it this year and the CEO even suggested a possible special fourth (VALE typically pays bi-annually) dividend in December. We also saw payments from FL and AEG who this time last year had suspended their payments.

We had one new payment from CSCO, CIM paying out in July instead of August like last year, and increased payments from MO, LECO, GNTX, CMCSA, SPG, and MSM. This was all in spite of regular payments from AVGO, EVC, and TROW hitting in June this year instead of July as in 2020. As noted throughout our posts this year, we expect the year over year percentages to vary wildly from month to month as the pandemic threw off the typical months a bunch of our companies payout.

However, we know things are going well as we just passed our 2020 total dividends and there’s still FIVE months to go in 2021.