Welcome to Divs 4 Jesus.  Here you will find a track record of my investments, which will be centered around dividend producing assets – mostly stocks, bonds, and other investments I find suitable to generating passive income. My hope is that you will find my thoughts interesting, insightful, and maybe even motivating. In return to putting my track record out there I hope that visitors will engage, comment, and grow with me along the way and if I’m lucky enough, even teach me a thing or two.


So why on Earth the name Divs 4 Jesus? Simple really – my goal is to eventually own a mixed portfolio of (33) thirty-three different assets that provide passive income. Everyone needs a theme (or a line drawn in the sand somewhere as I couldn’t keep track of an unlimited number of assets) Also coincidentally,  I happen to be at the age of 33 when starting this blog.  So if the 33 still isn’t clicking in yet – its a play on Jesus’s age at the time of his death.  Though I must say,  33 appears significant in many different religions and cultures for various reasons and it’s the boiling point of water according to Issac Newton.

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