In the month of September we continued buying stocks we already own that we feel have fallen below their fair value and finally pulled the trigger on two new names thanks to the continued turmoil in the markets. The two new adds were SWK and SMG. We only added a share or two as we feel the market will continue down a bit so we’ll build into a position slowly. Here’s what we purchased in September: 10 more shares of TROW for $1,079.00; 3 shares of MO for $123.00; 4 shares of CMCSA for $121.28; 6 shares of INTC for $158.46; 1 share of WBA for $31.56; 4 shares of VZ for $153.96; 1 share of SWK (a new add to the portfolio) for $77.53; and 2 shares of SMG (the other new add) for $86.22. In total we purchased $1,831.01 worth of stocks this month.


For September 2022, the Divs4Jesus Portfolio received dividend income from twenty-seven different companies. (EVC, AVGO, SPG, TROW, AEG, LEA,RHI, FAF, NWL, TSN, PRU, SWKS, MET, VALE, CVX, EVR, SNA, WBA, AMGN, LYB, JNJ, HON, AFL, PSX, V, INTC. & F). The total was $1,763.13. This was a 286% increase from September of 2021 where the total was $456.68. The major difference year over year was that VALE paid out its massive dividend in September this year instead of October. As such, we will see a big drop year over year in October because of the change in pay dates. Looking towards the later quarter of the year we are now around $1,200.00 from last years total – its going to be very close to see if we can top 2021s numbers.