The increase was due to increase payments from PSX, V, HON, SWKS, JNJ, LYB, EVR, SNA, WBA, RHI, NWL, TSN, PRU, AEG, TROW, EVC, and AVGO. New payments from INTC, AMGN, CVX, MET, and FAF. Restarted dividends from LEA, though less than they were paying pre-pandemic. And Lastly, SPG paying out in Oct last year instead of September as is typical for them.

As noted throughout our posts this year, we expect the year over year percentages to vary wildly from month to month as the pandemic threw off the typical months a bunch of our companies payout. Overall we’ve crossed our original goal for this year of $4,000.00 in dividend income and are now seeing how much of a beat we can get on the year! We also hit the milestone of crossing $10,000.00 in total dividend income since the start of the portfolio in 2018!

2 thoughts on “DIVIDEND REPORT :: SEPTEMBER 2021”

  1. Knocking on that door of a $500 payout nice progress indeed. Even more phenomenal is crossing the $4K mark with an entire quarter left. I think you can hit $8K next year with this kind of momentum.

    • $8k would be amazing but I don’t expect to be able to keep the momentum going at the current pace… Vale is the major contributor for the big gains this year but miners are boom/bust – so I know not every year will repeat like this one… doesn’t hurt to try tho !!


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