For September 2022, the Divs4Jesus Portfolio received dividend income from twenty-seven different companies. (EVC, AVGO, SPG, TROW, AEG, LEA,RHI, FAF, NWL, TSN, PRU, SWKS, MET, VALE, CVX, EVR, SNA, WBA, AMGN, LYB, JNJ, HON, AFL, PSX, V, INTC. & F). The total was $1,763.13. This was a 286% increase from September of 2021 where the total was $456.68. The major difference year over year was that VALE paid out its massive dividend in September this year instead of October. As such, we will see a big drop year over year in October because of the change in pay dates. Looking towards the later quarter of the year we are now around $1,200.00 from last years total – its going to be very close to see if we can top 2021s numbers.