For March 2021, the Divs4Jesus Portfolio received dividend income from twenty different companies (AFL, PSX, V, INTC, SWKS, JNJ, SNA, PRU, EVR, WBA, HON, RHI, NWL, MET, TSN, LYB, VALE, TROW, EVC, and AVGO). The total was $1,298.68. This was a 526% increase from March of 2021 where the total was $207.55.

This marks the first time the Portfolio has hit the four figures mark for any one month. It’s also more income than the Portfolio received in it’s first entire year just a short three years ago.

The heavy lifting was done this month by VALE who paid out $979.02 itself. Last year, due to COVID VALE paid out their March payment in August, however it was significantly less. The remainder of the March dividends came from new payments from AFL, INTC, JNJ, HON, & MET. Increased payments from V, SWKS, PSX, SNA, PRU, EVR, WBA, RHI, NWL, TSN, LYN, LEA, & TROW. EVC and AVGO also paid out in March this year instead of April like last year. And lastly, in spite of no payments from F, or SPG this March.

As noted prior, we except the year over year percentages to vary wildly from month to month as the pandemic threw off the typical months a bunch of our companies payout.


For September 2020, the Divs4Jesus Portfolio received dividend income from seventeen different companies (PSX, SWKS,V, HON, JNJ, LYB, SNA, EVR, WBA, RHI, TSN, NWL, PRU, AEG, TROW, EVC, AVGO). The total was $243.18. This was a 59% increase from September of 2019 where the total was only $153.35. The difference was increased payments from V, SNA, LYB, PRU, WBA, TSN, NWL, RHI, SWKS, and TROW.  New payments from PSX, HON, JNJ, and EVR. Plus EVC and AVGO paying out in September this year instead of October like last year.

This is also in spite of F making no dividend payment and payments from AEG and EVC essentially being cut in half due to COVID-19. We cautiously hope to continue the beat streak month over month and finish the year out strong. We are also happy to see our yearly total break the $2,000.00 mark this month and we still have three more months to go!