For February 2021, the Divs4Jesus Portfolio received dividend income from five different companies (T, TXN, AOS, ABBV, and OHI). The total was $135.87. This was a 193% decrease from February of 2021 where the total was $398.97. As noted in the January post, this was expected as FL, CIM, and MSM all paid out in January this year as opposed to their typical February payment. Further, MSM last February paid out their regular dividend plus a special one-time dividend of $5/share which really boosted Feb 2020s total. We hope to turn things around in March and get back to seeing increases yr/yr.

As noted prior, we except the year over year percentages to vary wildly from month to month as the pandemic threw off the typical months a bunch of our companies payout. As such, the yearly total will be most important to beat.


For November 2020, the Divs4Jesus Portfolio received dividend income from six different companies (ABBV, AOS, MSM, OHI, T, TXN). The total was $149.29. This was a 10% decrease from November of 2019 where the total was $166.70. It was the first time this year that we’ve seen a percentage decrease year over year for any month. However, there is good news. As noted in the October report – CIM and FL paid out in October this year instead of November like in 2019. If these two stocks would have paid out in November instead, we would have had a 28% increase and October still would have been a blow out month. So  we can’t complain too much!

Also while we didn’t quite crack $3,000.00 for the year in dividends with the November totals, we had a few December 1st payers that officially put us over the $3,000 mark. So we hit our target and December’s totals will just be icing on the cake.

Lastly, while not typically discussed on this blog, we want to point out one final milestone of the portfolio that occurred in November. On November 24th the Divs4Jesus portfolio for the first time ever closed above $100,000.00 dollars. While we don’t track overall portfolio value on a monthly basis, since it will rise and fall with market swings, it is never the less important to mark these milestones. This portfolio was started in November 2017 at zero dollars with $319 purchase of 11 shares of OHI. In just 3 short years we now are at the 6 figure amount with 39 different stocks. This is even more remarkable considering the portfolio hit a low this year in March at $46,000.00. It gives us motivation to push forward to the next $100,000.00. It also severs as a reminder to stay the course even when the sky seems like its falling.


For August 2020, the Divs4Jesus Portfolio received dividend income from seven different companies (CIM, T, OHI, VALE, ABBV, AOS, TXN). The total was $425.27. This was a 483% increase from August of 2019 where the total was only $72.91. The difference was increased payments from T, TXN, AOS, ABBV, OHI. Further CIM paid out in August this year instead of July like in 2019. However, the largest part of the increase was from VALE who reinstated their dividend after suspending it back in early 2019 due to a dam collapse at one of their facilities. As VALE is our biggest paying company we’re happy to see regular dividends to start up again. Overall, this is a another great month in spite of everything going on in the world. We cautiously hope to continue the streak month over month to finish out the year strong.