For February 2022, the Divs4Jesus Portfolio received dividend income from seven different companies (T, VZ, BMY, TXN, ABBV, AOS, & OHI). The total was $262.81. This was a 93% increase from February of 2021 where the total was $135.87. The increase was due to increased payments from five companies and new payouts from portfolio adds VZ and BMY. This is likely the last payment from T before they cut their dividend so we’ll see how they affects our totals going forward. However, we’ve added VZ over the last year which has the same payout months so it should help soften any loses.

3 thoughts on “DIVIDEND REPORT :: FEBRUARY 2022”

  1. Keep increasing that year over year gain with your dividends. I see we both have T. Not happy about that divvy going forward. Still undecided about what to do with spin off shares.


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