For November 2020, the Divs4Jesus Portfolio received dividend income from six different companies (ABBV, AOS, MSM, OHI, T, TXN). The total was $149.29. This was a 10% decrease from November of 2019 where the total was $166.70. It was the first time this year that we’ve seen a percentage decrease year over year for any month. However, there is good news. As noted in the October report – CIM and FL paid out in October this year instead of November like in 2019. If these two stocks would have paid out in November instead, we would have had a 28% increase and October still would have been a blow out month. So  we can’t complain too much!

Also while we didn’t quite crack $3,000.00 for the year in dividends with the November totals, we had a few December 1st payers that officially put us over the $3,000 mark. So we hit our target and December’s totals will just be icing on the cake.

Lastly, while not typically discussed on this blog, we want to point out one final milestone of the portfolio that occurred in November. On November 24th the Divs4Jesus portfolio for the first time ever closed above $100,000.00 dollars. While we don’t track overall portfolio value on a monthly basis, since it will rise and fall with market swings, it is never the less important to mark these milestones. This portfolio was started in November 2017 at zero dollars with $319 purchase of 11 shares of OHI. In just 3 short years we now are at the 6 figure amount with 39 different stocks. This is even more remarkable considering the portfolio hit a low this year in March at $46,000.00. It gives us motivation to push forward to the next $100,000.00. It also severs as a reminder to stay the course even when the sky seems like its falling.

6 thoughts on “DIVIDEND REPORT :: NOVEMBER 2020”

  1. Wow those are two big milestones to hit and you should feel dang proud! I remember the first $100K was the hardest but after that the snowball effect really kicks in and each additional $100K gets easier. Gotta love it when your portfolio starts to carry some of the investment weight.

    • Yes looking forward to having the portfolio itself do some of the lifting … curious to see how long it takes to get from $100k to $200k … hopefully quicker than from $0 to $100k!

  2. Even though there was a decrease from Nov 2019, you still are getting those consistent dividends. I really admire your attitude in sticking to it, even when things aren’t perfect. Divs4Jesus, you inspire me to make steady contributions in my portfolio!

    • Thanks FLA. It’s helpful to look at the big picture sometimes and not the day to day or month to month numbers. Personally, I keep an eye on all my stocks month to month just to make sure there thesis isn’t broken but I don’t put a lot a stock into whether I’m up 50% or down 50%. For evaluating capital appreciation, I think 3yr, 5yr, 7yr, and 10yr time frames are better and really more 5yr/10yr.


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