This massive month was all due to a huge payout from VALE. VALE alone paid out over $2,000.00 this month. This was a regular dividend payment from VALE but the large amount was due mostly to iron-ore prices more than doubling during the pandemic. The spot price has since fallen to more normal levels so we unfortunately don’t expect repeat cash outs like this but no complaints when they come in. Further, comparing with last October there was no new payers this month and actually one less payment as SPG paid out in September this year instead of October.

Last month we noted we crossed our goal of $4,000.00 for the year. One month later we’ve now crossed $6,000.00 for the year. With two months left we’re going to see if we can cross $7,000.00. If we can. the real challenge then will be trying to top it in 2022.

3 thoughts on “DIVIDEND REPORT :: OCTOBER 2021”

    • Definitely setting the bar high to top this month anytime soon. Only downside is I know it’s not sustainable for VALE unless ore prices remain in the sky – they have a clear dividend policy based on a percentage of ebitda – capex so you can do some back of the napkin math to have a rough guess where it will fall. But hey at current stock price their dividend yield for this year is over 20% – no complaints on my end 🙂


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