For January 2021, the Divs4Jesus Portfolio received dividend income from ten different companies (SEIC, MO, LECO, GNTX, CSCO, SPG, MSM, CMCSA, FL, and CIM). The total was $274.08. This was a 167% increase from January of 2020 where the total was $102.76. The increase was due to new payments from LECO, SEIC, CSCO. Increased payments from MO, GNTX, and CMCSA. We also had FL, CIM, and MSM pay out in January instead of Feb like last year, which will lower Feb’s payout. And despite payments from AVGO and EVC paying out in December this year instead of Jan like in 2020.

We are excited to start 2021 off with another triple digit increase year over year. However, we except the year over year percentages to vary wildly from month to month this year as the pandemic through off the typical months a bunch of our companies payout. As such the yearly total will be most important to beat.

5 thoughts on “DIVIDEND REPORT :: JANUARY 2021”

  1. Your steady saving/investing is really starting to show as you can see the momentum building. I really enjoy reading monthly reports like this as it just validates everything. Hoping you nail triple digit incomes for all 12 months this year.


    • Yes we’ve slowly been building the snowball…if we hit $4000 this year in dividend income we see it as equal to essentially 2-2.5 months of additional savings (since we drip all payments). I think we’re close to triple digits each month this year…it should mostly just depend on what months the payments fall — as I noted the monthly yr/yrs will be a bit funky this year as covid through off the typical payment cycles for a bunch of our holdings.

    • Yes sir… can’t complain though I have a feeling this year will be wild swings month to month with comparisons to last year due to covid throwing off the standard payment months


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