For July 2020, the Divs4Jesus Portfolio received dividend income from nine different companies (TROW, AVGO, EVC, MO, LECO, GNTX, CMCSA, SPG, & MSM). The total was $202.21. This was a 27% increase from July 2019 where the total was $159.10. The difference was increased payments from TROW, AVGO, MO, GNTX, and CMCSA. New payments from LECO, MSM, and SPG. And in spite of EVC cutting their dividend and CIM not paying dividends this July, but instead in August. Overall, this is a another good month and we cautiously hope to continue the streak month over month as the companies in our portfolio deal with the Covid-19 Pandemic. The great news is with the increase this month we have now surpassed our entire yearly total from 2019 ($1,389.58) and we still have five more months to go!

4 thoughts on “DIVIDEND REPORT: JULY 2020”

  1. Another great YoY month.

    Your MSM position is due for a dividend raise, maybe for the 4th quarter you might get a pop. I used to like Fastenal in that space but their stock price last couple years have shot up so much that MSM looks like the better value especially when airline business kicks back in. Definitely a position I’m considering for current yield and as part of a bounce back for equity growth if the economy returns to somewhat normal.

    • Hi Ken:

      Yes can’t complain too much — as we have been doing quite well throughout the pandemic.

      MSM last raised the div last July (19%) but this July was kept in line — might get something in Nov but if so I think it would be single digit increase if any. They already paid a massive one time div in feb of $5 so I’m fine if they keep it at .75c for now. FAST has been on my radar for a while as well — good company but they are taking on more debt lately and are just way over valued with a p/e in the 30s more than double MSM … I like FAST under 30 but don’t know if we’ll see it there anytime soon unless we get another flash crash like March. I agree MSM at the moment looks the better deal. Funny enough you mentioned airline business as a boost to MSM once it returns — it’s also part of the reason I purchased HON a few months back.

  2. Double digit year over year income raise from a passive source… yes please. Congrats on continuing to bring in those dividends. Nice to see we share several names. AVGO is a stock I’d like to boost up a bit in my portfolio. One of my August considerations. Keep up the good work.

    • Yes.. I can’t be too upset even though I’ve had a number of suspensions or reductions still positive yr over yr thanks to new money in, dripping, and raises. I do love AVGOs big increases the past yr or two in divs but I think it’s running a bit overpriced at the moment — as with most tech … if we get a correction in tech I will be buying more … I also really like SKWS, TXN and LRCX … only one I don’t own in LRCX … almost pulled the trigger a yr or so back at 130 but missed out … waiting for a second bite.


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