Here at Divs4Jesus we’ve been playing around with charts the past couple weeks. In doing so we’ve decided to not only track our overall gains from inception, but also by calendar year.

Since 2018 was our first full year tracking the Divs4Jesus Portfolio it will be our first chart. The chart is similar to the others we’d posted. It includes charting the percentage change of the Divs4Jesus Portfolio, the S&P500, and our overall Account Value. The chart automatically adjusts for any added capital contributions as to not skew the results. We made sure not to show money deposited into the portfolio as capital gains. Also it’s important to note, both the Divs4Jesus numbers (percentages and account value) and the S&P500 percentages DO NOT take into account any dividends at all. This chart is looking at capital gains in a vacuum. We simply want to see how our portfolio has appreciated in value vs the benchmark S&P500.

As detailed in the chart below – we ended 2018 down -2.31%. However, the S&P500 ended down -6.65%. And while it’s never good to see negative capital appreciation, we’re happy to see we beat the S&P 2.88 times over. Since the Divs4Jesus portfolio is long term and dividend focused we are not so concerned by the dip in 2018. Hopefully we’ll produce stronger, positive results in 2019. What’s also promising for us is the growth of our portfolio due to consistent capital contributions – it really shows little by little you can grow a solid portfolio if you can stick with a solid savings plan.

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