For February 2020, the Divs4Jesus Portfolio received dividend income from eight different companies (FL, CIM, T, MSM, TXN, ABBV, AOS, OHI). The total was $398.97. This was a 373% increase from February 2019 where the total was $84.26. The difference was increased payments from CIM, T, OHI, new payments from FL, MSM, TXN, ABBV, and AOS as well a one time bonus dividend of $211.06 from MSM. This is a another great start to the year, but we will had to temper our expectation in light of the Covid-19 Pandemic. We hope to see dividends continue throughout this crisis, but we are well aware suspensions and cuts are likely.

2 thoughts on “DIVIDEND REPORT :: FEBRUARY 2020”

  1. Monster month! Congrats on the progress. Everyone is being cautious with dividend expectations so you are not alone if that is any conciliation. Long term I believe you have the right investing approach but short term is rough for now.

    Best advice I can give is use this as a learning experience.

    • Thanks Ken. My goal is to try and stay the course— no selling and continue my monthly buy/buys, should I be lucky enough to still be able to (lots of layoffs happening so who knows what next week has in store). Lots of pain now but eventually it will end — try to stay safe and weather through… best of luck to you!


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