For July 2019,  the Divs4Jesus Portfolio received dividend income from seven different companies (EVC, TROW, AVGO, MO, GNTX, CMCSA & CIM). The total was $159.10. This was a 1,163% increase from July 2018 where the total was $12.60. The increase was due both to new stocks added to the portfolio since last year, as well as repeat payments from EVC and CMCSA. EVC paid out 4.8% more than last year due to DRIPing and CMCSA paid out 12.89% more than last year due to DRIPing and a dividend increase. We should note CIM paid out in August last year so it was not included in the July 2018 total. Let’s see if we can top August of 2018’s total even without CIM since it’s been included in July’s total this year.

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