Stock Purchase :: RHI

On June 28, 2019, 28 shares of RHI were purchased. The cost, including fees, was $1,595.95. For an average cost per share of $57.00.

2 thoughts on “Stock Purchase :: RHI”

  1. D4J,

    Interesting buy. A quick look at their financials there are quite a few things to like. What inspired you to pull the trigger?

    Also noticed RHI is 10% from its 52 week low, what drove the price down?

    • Hi Ken:

      I have my own personal screener I use each month to narrow my choices down and RHI was near the top of my list. I like that the company has no debt, growing free cash flow, increased its dividends since 2004, a low payout ratio, and is undervalued on a DFC basis. It had a 10% or so drop because it missed on earnings and recession fears. This is a temp and permanent staffing company so it will be very dependent on a healthy economy with lots of hiring. Knowing we may have a recession soon it could go lower but I like the low payout ratio and that they continued to payout and increased the dividend during 2009 crisis. Since I believe the dividend is safe and likely to continue to increase I pulled the trigger, not so concerned with the short term ups or downs of the stock price if I think it’s fairly or under valued when I purchase.

      Thanks for checking it out !



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