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    • Hi Doug – I think you have a good opportunity here as well now that the merger is approved. I had a feeling there would be some sell off on the news that its approved but didn’t wait because 1. I might have been wrong and 2. I felt like low 30s was a good place to get in. I might pick up more if it goes below 30 but with a 6+% loss today I don’t know if we’ll get that low.

  1. Thanks for sharing your recent pick up. I know T and VZ are obht popular telecom plays in many DGI portfolios. I don’t hold either but those yields are tempting.

    • Hi DivHut:

      T and VZ were on my radar before the purchase for similar reasons (popular in DGIs). I commented on one of the blogs a while back that if the yield was over 6% I’d consider it and I think I picked it up around 6.1% yield. You might have an opportunity here if the sell off on the merger news continues on the rest of the week. Long term I think the merger is good – just some pain up front. Also why I picked up CMCSA – figured they’ll either beat DIS for fox assets, which long term should be good (as long as a bidding war doesn’t go crazy) – or they’ll lose out and short term the stock will see a bit of a pop. DIS is also on the radar – just haven’t done any DD on them.


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